Fearlessness is...

Being brave enough to let loose when it's necessary. To burn down the walls that create your boundaries, to let them crumble into a messy pile of rubbish. For it is when we break down, when we fuck up, when we look our demons straight in the eyes; that is when we witness the depths of our truest self. If we never see the darkness, we can't transform it into light.

It is taking your fear and allowing it to startle you, let it rattle your nerves. Let it make you question your intentions, self-worth, your very soul. Always question who you are in the depths of your subconscious being, the parts we stash away, the skeletons packed deep in a walk-in closet of embarrassment and regret. We don't want to think about it, acknowledge the past, we often only look at the shiny happy parts of ourselves.

When we look at these parts and question our existence, we can change our habits. The nasty things we said or did can be a beautiful lesson in how to act in the future. Something you're not proud of can become something that you ARE proud of and that's wisdom. Wisdom that comes only through the experiences we have, no one can inform us otherwise...

When all is said and done? Fearlessness is also the strength to pull yourself back together after being completely broken open. The strength that comes from looking these demons square in the face and telling them that you can (and you will) change them. That strength only comes from the conscious decision to grow.

Fearlessness is accepting both the dark and the light, the strength of consistently breaking down and rebuilding your character.

Today, I will look at my mistakes, I will love and accept them as tremendously beautiful parts of my being. I will find gratitude in the sadness and chaos, and I will grow. I will thrive.