My Blue Valentine

I see you in the ocean
Turquoise ignites my eyes
Every single drop
Love can only multiply
Despite physical absence
It's merely our perception
Building changing growing
Since this karmic inception
In the deep deep blue
I still feel you
In the wilderness
I see you
The wind howling
I hear you
Whispering in my ear
'have no fear
my dear
I'm always here'
For we are all one
Woven of the same thread
Forget what you've been taught
Love everyone instead
Our minds have never mattered
Thoughts of separation leave us scattered
Back into the grid the cosmic map
Escaping negative patterns
We can all be free
Like you and me
Loving each other through spirit
Connected we'll always be
Valentine is more than a day
More than the gifts and the words we say
You've been with me from the start
You're in my bones you're in my heart...
Teach me how to love again
Please show me the way
I've been reading all the signs you've posted
Desperately digesting what they say
I can do it baby
Just you wait and see
I can fall in love again
I can fall in love with me